Apply Perfume To Your Body

Using Perfume gives pleasure, not only because it smells nice, but also because Perfume creates an aura around the wearer that expresses something he/she wishes to convey about his/her personality. It has been used over the centuries to inspire, delight, seduce, and arouse people’s sense of smell and thereby other desires of the human body. The numbers of different types of perfumes is quite huge so don’t let these attractive decorative perfume bottles catch your eye and deceive you to buy the perfume without selecting the proper scent you desire; leave that for bottle collectors. It is important for anyone who uses scents to understand the proper use of perfume and be able to apply it to his/her own application.

A very basic thing to understand about the use of perfume is that all scents are not good for all people. Not just a matter of taste! Whatever scent you choose, you can’t choose it on name value alone or even by perusing a list of its contents. You need to try it and see if it works for you. Some scents are floral, some are woody, some are blended and so forth person needs to take time to explore what scents are best with their body chemistry and with the desired effect of the perfume. You should take the time to smell all types in the bottles and find scents that are pleasing to you.

How to apply cosmetics to your body:

The most important thing after finding a proper scent is to know how to apply it perfectly. First, make sure that a perfume is subtle and not overpowering because People who pass by should get a whiff of the pleasant smell and not be overcome by the odor as they might be suffering from allergy attacks and they also might get a headache and feel nauseous and remember that other people smell your fragrance much stronger than you as you become acclimated to the odor. Here are some methods for applying perfume in the most effective way.

A dab of fragrance to what is called the pulse points where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps the wrists, neckline, behind ears, and behind the knee has always been a popular use.

Others prefer to spray the scent in the air and walk through so that they have a total body application; this is the best method if you need a light fragrance and not lasting for long.

Some people like scents to be sprayed over the hair allowing them to be more true to the original scent and not mixed with the perspiration and musk of the individual.

Finally, You can simply know that you made it when the people walking into a room where you are wearing a strong smelling perfume have been drawn in by the pleasantness and when you find that your perfume helps you effectively to seduce a lover.